About the brand

My Name is Maria Rodriguez im the owner of M Beauty Party . I am a Business Woman who’s been in the makeup industry for over a decade . Working for high end makeup brands as a makeup artist & learning about the beauty world  , I discovered a big sense for everything about makeup , hair & fashion . Which led me to be a Reality Tv star on the First ever Astrology show called Cosmic  Love where I was able to share my sense of fashion by wearing outfits I styled myself  . Which had fans expresing how much they loved my style . I decided to create a collection inspired on my sense of fashion & my body type . Being a petite women is always been difficult for me to wear certain styles  . I'm hoping with this collection I can make it easier for all women to put together outfits aswell as sharing my Designs . I always aim to motivate , uplift & inspire women to follow their dreams growing up I was raised by an independent hard working women . That Made me understand that we can achieve everything we put our mind & hearts to . This has pushed me to show others everything is possible while manifesting my dreams . My biggest passion is to make my family proud , my culture & where I come from